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Bhagawan Shri Chitragupta is described among the 14 Yamas.

He is mentioned as a record-keeper God of all creatures on the earth, seated near Bhagawan Shri Dharmaraja. The Society believes that Shri Chitragupta is the progenitor of the Kayastha caste. The word Chitragupta is mentioned in the different Vedic and Pauranic scriptures. On the other hand, the word Kayastha is found in the seals of the Gupta period of the Indian history, historically not before the third century AD. The scholars confirm that the word Kayastha was used to denote an administrative officer of the state before this word was established as a noun for indicating the particular caste.

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  • Date: 25 August, 2015
  • Client: Shree Chitragupta Samiti, Birguanj